Saturday, April 17, 2010

Countdown to the National

Arghhh!  The 2010 CWCCA National is only 7 days away - 9 for me and Moira since we don't start showing until Monday, April 26th.

This is my last weekend to get chores done.  Next Saturday Moira and I are driving to Richmond for an agility trial.  It will be her first outdoor trial and I am hopeful she will do better in an outdoor venue than an indoor one.  Sunday our favorite vet, Dr. Hillary, will make a house call to do acupuncture on both Sam and Moira.  Then I'll load those two into the Dawg Yacht and it's off to Pennsylvania.

This will be my busiest National since 2006.  Monday and Tuesday will be agility with Moira and Conner.  Tuesday night, Conner is entered in a match called The Megan.  The Megan is a "fun" match for champions only, named after Ch Megan; the first American Champion Cardigan.  It is the only time Cardigans are judged by color.  Red/Sable dogs & bitches, Brindle dogs & bitches, Black dogs & bitches and Blue dogs & bitches.  The winners of those 8 classes go back in to compete for Best Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  Sam, Conner's dad, won Best Red dog in 2006.  Conner's half brothers, Siren and Romeo (littermates to Ginny) have competed in the Megan too.  Siren won Best Red dog in both 2002 and 2003.  Romeo was Runner Up Red dog in 2004.  It's something of a family dynasty to do well in the red dog class.

On Wednesday, Sam returns to the show ring in the 11 year old plus Veterans Sweepstake class.  Our good friend, Karen L., will be showing him for me.  I don't expect Sam to do anything in terms of winning.  This is just about letting the old man be in the spotlight again.  He has so much fun at shows and being in the ring and the veteran classes always draw lots of spectators who applaud for the elder statesmen and women of Cardidom.  We know how much Sam LOVES to hear applause.  He's also entered Thursday in the regular veteran classes.

So today I am making lists, doing laundry, cleaning out the Yacht and mentally preparing for everything that needs to be done in the next two weeks.  I'm also thinking about remodeling the blog and starting a new blog - details to come....

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  1. You have a pretty hefty list for the "last sane weekend". Have a great time in Pennsylvania. I'm sure everyone will enjoy seeing the "oldsters" -- Veterans is always a heart-warming event.