Friday, May 6, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I've been away since Monday, visiting UHM's parents in South Carolina, at the beach :)  There are advantages to being unemployed - I can go to the beach in the off-season when there's virtually no one there but the weather is still good enough for me to lie in the sun and add a few more wrinkles to my face.

Anyway, I got home this evening.  UHM won't be home until Wednesday.  When I arrived home I was greeted by three ecstatic dogs.  Moira woo-wooed me, Ginny ran around grabbing chewies and Sam barked a lot and jumped on me.  Sam is old, Sam's back hurts, Sam shouldn't jump on me.  Sam will be getting a double dose of Tramadol tonight.  Grace, the cat, slept through all this but has been awake for the last hour complaining about nothing.  That's Grace.  At 14 she's allowed to complain a bit, even if it is about nothing.

For those of you who are my friends on FB, you'll know that Georgia has a yacht.  We saw it while we were lunching at the marina on Tuesday.  It's a nice yacht.  If you click on the image you should just be able to make out Georgia's name on the yacht.

When UHM returns with the camera next week you can see Georgia's other 'toy.'  Here's a hint though, it's sporty and cherry red.  The Princess is acquiring quite a lot of toys.


  1. Not a little red Corvette for the Princess!

    Isn't it grand (except for when it's not healthy) when they greet you after a long absence? Poor Sam.

    SC looks glorious!

  2. Think German, not American-made.....