Monday, May 23, 2011

Strawberry-Palooza 2011

UHM and I spent some time this morning picking strawberries at a local U-pick farm.  This is the second year we've done this so that we can have strawberries year round.  Last year UHM went a little crazy with the strawberry picking and we came home with around 50 lbs of berries!  We restrained ourselves this time and only came home with only 20 lbs.  After everything was processed, that amounted to 17 pints to go in the freezer and a quart or so fresh for immediate consumption.  We also bought some fresh rhubarb which I chopped up and froze for rhubarb crisps to enjoy long after rhubarb season is over.  There are 3 qts in the freezer now.

I inventoried what was left in the chest freezer from last summer's bounty and we have some peaches and strawberries to be eating soon.  I think there are 6-7 qts of peaches still in there and another 4-5 qts of strawberries.  Guess I have some baking to do - or maybe peach or strawberry daquiris....


  1. Mmmmm. Peach daquiris -- I had a great peach tree at the old house and made fresh peach daquiris whether I needed to celebrate or not.

  2. I can't even imagine 50 lbs. of berries...I probably would've eaten 30 pounds of them just to avoid having to do all the work!

    Let me know if y'all need some help with those daquiris. I can be your taste-tester!

  3. You've got the two ingredients needed for my favorite pie: Strawberry/Rhubarb pie! Yum!
    Although a peach daiquiri is pretty darn delicious too!

  4. I've gotta admire a person who can do all that with berries! :) ALL of it sounds great! I'm with Taryn on all of the above. :)