Friday, May 27, 2011

The Holiday Weekend

For you poor working stiffs out there, I understand this is a long weekend.  I hope you enjoy it :)  The Horde started the weekend with a small success.  Miss Georgia got her second point today at the Hampton, VA, show under breed-judge Janet Robinson (Snowdonia).

In other Georgia news, she is in season.  At this point, that doesn't really mean much to anyone but Sam.  He is absolutely gobsmacked by her beauty and enticing aroma.  He sings, he tap dances, he tries to make the tips of his ears cross in his efforts to express to her the degree to which he finds her alluring.  It's a little pathetic to watch him try to impress her since she's still young enough that she doesn't really know what all his posturing is about.  Being the unscrupulous dog-mom that I am, I plan to take full advantage of Georgia's condition and Sam's infatuation.  Today I called Dr. Dove's office to make an appointment for Sam to be collected on next Friday.  Sam has never really needed incentive to do his business at Dr. Dove's office but since Monday will be the old man's 13th birthday and he's down to just the one testicle, I figure it can't hurt to give him a little encouragement, something to strive for, even though he won't be allowed to consummate the relationship in that way. I'm considering it a belated birthday gift for the old man.


  1. That's quite the birthday gift! It will be interesting to see what Nick does next weekend, as he's currently humping the heck out of everything. We might have to put him in Dog Jail!

  2. The father-daughter ew factor notwithstanding, a glove from Dr. Dove sounds like an excellent gift for dear old (horny) Sam. :)

    Do they make chastity belts for dogs? (that was a joke, I think)

  3. Elizabeth - While they don't make chastity belts, per se, you can get "panties" that serve a dual purpose of helping keep your house clean and providing a physical barrier to breeding. Georgia has a couple pair but we've never been able to get her to wear them. Well, we've been able to get them on her but she takes them off or pees in them to show her disdain for that sort of dog apparel. The girl likes to go commando.

  4. Ha ha, that's funny (that she won't keep her panties on). (Probably not for you, though, sorry.) :(

    I forgot to say congratulations on Georgia's point. That's great. :)