Monday, June 7, 2010

NCC - Non Corgi Content. Well, maybe a little.....

Wednesday I leave to visit my very good friend Lynn.  Lynn lives in Minnesota and whenever I talk to her for any length of time, I sound like I live in Minnesota too.

As part of my visit with Lynn, we plan to visit the stables where Lynn and her daughter take riding lessons.  Rachel, Lynn's daughter, also works there to pay for her horse-riding habit.  For any of you who ride, you know that the optimal footwear for riding is a shoe or boot with a heel.  The heel prevents your foot from slipping through the stirrup.  Since I don't ride, I don't have boots like that.  Well, I do but I'm not going to wear my black, Italian leather boots to a stable.

Understanding House Mate has more shoes than she can count.  Seriously, I don't think she can count them and I know she sometimes has problems finding a matched pair in her closet.  BTW, I'm one of those freaks who keeps all her shoes in their original boxes.  Anyway, UHM has 2 pairs of boots that would be suitable for riding. A pair of cowboy boots and a pair of fancy, dressy, lace up boots that kind of look like cowboy boots - sort of.  UHM was actually willing to let me take a pair of these boots - that have never been to a stable, much less seen a horse - with me to MN.  But first I needed to try them on to determine which boots to take.

I got my "boot socks" and then pulled on the cowboy boots.  Ummmm, what's wrong with these boots?  My calf won't fit in the shaft.  It's like the leg version of a muffin top and my foot and ankle are going numb.  Would you call that sausage leg, or what?  Huh, the socks must be too thick.  Change socks but I still have the same problem.  I make UHM try on her own boots to prove to me that they actually fit someone.  Apparently, she has scrawny calves because they fit her just fine.

So I try on the fancy, dressy faux cowboy boots.  And they don't fit either!  The upper is too narrow.  What is going on here?!?!

UHM tries to tell me that everyone is different.  Apparently, I "carry my weight" in my calves.  What a load of crap!  I am going to have to resort to wearing my own boots for riding - which is actually a better plan because my boots have seen a barn and various sorts of shit - they've even stepped in it.

Now, for Corgi content.  Lynn and I became friends through dogs.  Her younger dog, Logan, is a member of the Samily tree.  This is Logan....

So, not only do I get to visit Lynn and go horseback riding, I also get to spend time with "family," which makes leaving the Horde home for a few days more bearable.


  1. Funny post! And you know, next time I see you at a trial, I am gonna have to see these "sausage legs" :-) Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I would love to get to meet you if you have time while you are up here.

  3. What's your schedule like this weekend Dawn? Lynn knows how to get in touch with you, right? We'll figure something out.

  4. UHM says this post is in the Top 5. Truly too funny and on the mark in more ways than one! :) Glad I live with such a comedian.