Friday, June 4, 2010

Finally Friday!

I know, it was short week but I love me my Fridays!

Tuesday I finally got Sam's National sweeps photo in the mail.  Let's just say I won't be posting it here.  It's bad - really bad.  As in, Sam's tail is sticking straight out behind him (think setters) and his ears are all wacky because he's listening to everyone say his name and trying to watch the toy the photog is throwing.  I look absolutely mad and like I have 14 chins - a trick as I'm on the slender side.  The only one who looks good is the judge!  Oh well.  He has other good win photos from earlier in his career but, it sure would have been nice to have his last National photo be a good one.

Understanding House Mate and Bogey are in Chesapeake, VA, this weekend for a beginning herding clinic.  I can't wait to hear how Mr. B does.

I'm planning to hit the C'ville KC show tomorrow for giggles.  Cardigans are on at 10am w/an entry of 5 (0-4(1-0)).  Sunday morning Moira has a make up agility class.  Class was cancelled last night due to a storm blowing through.  It's looking like our summer schedule is going to be a little unplanned - more of a drop in class than a regularly scheduled one.  In the fall, we'll go back to a regular schedule and Patty, our instructor, has even indicated that she might split the class into two.  We are starting to get to the point where some dogs are ready for more while others still have skill sets and confidence to work on.  I would be bummed not to see some of these ladies regularly.  This is, by far, the best class I've taken in terms of my classmates.

Time to let dogs out and then head to bed.

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