Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Ok, this is getting a bit ridiculous.  I haven't felt well for 3 weeks now.  I woke up October 20th feeling like crap; a bad, bad cold.  Managed to get myself healthy enough for a trip to a Cardi herding clinic that weekend but woke up that Saturday with an ear infection.  Broke down and went to the Doc in a Box in Ohio for a prescription of antibiotics and cough syrup.  Since then, the ears won't drain and the cough simply won't go away.  Oh, and before you say, "get some decongestants" you should know that my sinuses have never been the issue.  So for a quick recap of the last 3 weeks of Horde life....

Cardi Herding Clinic
Good friends, good fun, good learning experience. 
Ra got to work both sheep and ducks.  Her speed demon ways have not changed a whit and I realized, rather belatedly, that she doesn't have a good sense of where balance is.  The decision to move her to agility was the right one.
Bogey got to work sheep in the round pen.  He had a brief introduction to sheep at the end of August and didn't care for them.  It's amazing what a difference a couple of months can make.  He did a WONDERFUL job.  Easily moved both directions, yielded to pressure and has a lovely natural sense of balance.  He could be a terrific herding dog.  Ann did a terrific job too - she was quite adept at turning in circles while holding a stock stick in one hand and a long line in the other.  See a picture in my last post.

October 29th and 30th
Sam visited Dr. Dove in Gainesville, VA.  After a quick trip to the UPS office, Sammy's Swimmers were winging their way to NC for a date with some eggs.  Cross your fingers.....

Halloween - Pu Head's Bday
I totally missed posting on the Pu Head's 4th birthday.  She did get special treats and lots of extra love.  Her bday present this year was a new collar - black w/candy corn printed on it.  Belated birthday wishes to Sisters Scout, Grace and Fanny as well as Brother River.  Scout's mom, Janet, posted a great picture of Moira and Scout together on her blog Simple Things.  Personally, I think the look on Scout's face says, "I can't wait for motherhood so I can eat all the cake I want!"

Montpelier Hunt Races
For 75 years, the first Saturday in November means the Montpelier Hunt Races at the estate of James and Dolly Madison in Orange, VA.  Ann and I went for the first time last year and had such a grand time that we knew we would have to go again this year.  The Races were started by Marion DuPont Scott and are a Virginia institution.  There are 7 races run that day; 2 on the flat track and 5 steeplechase races.  We are fortunate enough to have friends with reserved, in-field parking that is right on the rail!  The event is very family friendly, with lots of good food, good beverages and beautiful horses - it's one big tailgating party.  As part of the opening ceremonies, the Keswick Hunt Club does a partial circuit of the steeplechase track w/horses and hounds.  A picture is below.  If life ever hands you the opportunity to visit central Virginia in early November, make plans to attend the races.  BTW, the weather was GORGEOUS!  Low 60s and sunny, we couldn't have asked for better.

Breaking News!
Sam or Ginny may be America's Next Top Model!  The photo producer for one of the catalogs I work for called me today to ask if any of my dogs would be available for a shoot tomorrow.  Seems the dog model they had booked cancelled.  So I told him I would bring Sam and Gin and we'll see which one behaves better :)  Ginny says she's ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille!

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