Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did someone say "SNIP?"

Tomorrow is Mr. B's big day at the vet.  We tried to get this done a couple of months ago but there were some issues with his blood work.  Hopefully, everything will be normal (or close enough) that he can go under the knife tomorrow for a little "tutoring."

I have mixed feelings about doing this.  I know he's not show quality but, I look at his little body and wish he would have testosterone running through it long enough to help that chest drop :)  He looks SO leggy right now.  Oh well, better to get this taken care of before he starts thinking he can do something with those suckers.  Thank goodness all the girls in the house are spayed!  And we all know how Sam feels about living with another intact male.....


  1. Wishing little Bogey a speedy recovery!

  2. i just had my young dog spayed and she did really well, and is pretty much back to normal already (as much as I'll let her anyways!) Good Luck to Bogey though!

    I love your new header by the way!