Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Signing

Last Friday night, amidst the drama of picking up Mr. B, I got to go to Barnes & Noble in C'ville for a reading and book signing by one of my favorite authors.

Rita Mae Brown actually lives just down the road in Afton, VA, but I've been reading her books for years - since long before I moved to Virginia.  It started with the Mrs. Murphy mystery series - which were the books responsible for me getting involved with Corgis.  I started out wanting a Pem but there weren't any active Pem breeders in Southern Oregon at the time.  Carolyn from over at C-Myste was the only corgi breeder of any sort in the area.  She graciously invited me to come meet the dogs and the rest is history.  (BTW - if I never thanked you before, Carolyn - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!).

Rita Mae has a new book out (Animal Magnetism) and she was going to be at B&N.  The book is about her life with animals and is a series of short stories about different animals she has known and what she's learned from them.

If you've never read any of the RMB books, I highly recommend them.  Her earlier books don't include animals and may not suit everyone's taste (she is pretty opinionated about a lot of things) but the Mrs. Murphy  mysteries, the Sister Jane series and now this book are all terrific reads - good beach or fireplace books.

Me and RMB - who is shorter than I thought she would be.  I had a mental image of her being 6 ft tall!

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