Monday, August 30, 2010

News from the Vacation Front

UHM and I are taking a quick, 4 day vacation in Bar Harbor, ME.  Or, if you are a local, "Ba Ha Ba."  It's a lovely little seaside town that's also very dog-friendly.  Makes me sad we don't have a single member of The Horde along but, I sort of think the town might not be so dog friendly if there were a Horde invasion - even a small scale one.

BTW, you know you are becoming completely obsessed w/dogs and dog shows when the majority of things you buy on a vacation trip you justify with, "I can wear that to show...."  I've gotten a very cool, olive green dress and am contemplating a longer, raisin-colored skirt for showing Miss Georgia.  Only problem?  Neither has pockets.  So I'll either be doing the armband bait holder or the "cheek pouch" - which really grosses UHM out.

UHM is out on a boat this afternoon, attempting to see whales.  That was the point of this whole trip - so she could see whales.  We went out yesterday morning and saw 1 finback whale.  She's hoping for more today.  Cross your fingers!

Be home tomorrow evening late.  Can't wait to see Sam, Ginny, Moira and Mr. B!

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