Friday, August 13, 2010

Cat-Permeable Barrier

Ginny and Moira have a habit.  A nasty habit.  A habit that, when I really think about it, makes me wretch.  They like to clean the cat box.  Not having opposable thumbs, well, I can't even type it.....  So tonight I finally got my act together and set up a cat-permeable barrier to the room where the cat box resides.

I went to Babies R Us (torture for some of us) and purchased a baby gate.  I brought it home and installed it in the doorway to the laundry room.  Then I cut out a cat-sized opening in the gate.  Five minutes later, Grace wandered into the kitchen and sauntered through the hole in the gate like it had always been there.  The gate is only 2 feet tall so UHM can step over it with just a little effort and now I can be the one to clean the cat box - in a sanitary manner.


  1. We call those cat snacks -- so gross. Good plan.

  2. We call it kitty roca in our house. We just put the boxes in the back room on shelves made from garage plastic shelves. The plastic kind you can take apart and made them 2 level high instead of 6. Corgis can still jump up but takes more time and noise. We also have baby gate in the hallway. Eventually we r going to have to something like your plan cause the cats are getting old.

  3. Grace is 13. Just getting on top of Sam's crate, where her food dish is, can be a stretch for her. We call is "snacking from the poo poo platter."