Sunday, May 23, 2010

Samily Tree Photo Album - So Far

I've had terrific response to my request for pictures of Sam relatives.  You can go HERE to see what I've put up so far.  I've tried to label each photo with call name, relation and then registered name.  If you have Sam kin you'd like included, please email photos to  Thanks!


  1. Aunt Dina, Cooper says he berry, berry sad that he not on Grandpa Sam's photo album yet. He's also says where is his 1/2 brother Wilson, and there sure are a lot of red dogs. :-)

  2. Dear Cooper - Sorry to have been slow adding your photo to the album - it's there now. Your grandpa keeps me very busy. As for Wilson, you'll have to ask his mom why she hasn't sent me a photo yet. She's also remiss in sending me a photo of your aunt, Oda Mae.