Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Monday Already?

It was a big, and busy, weekend for the Horde.

Saturday was the CCWCC Specialty in West Friendship, MD.  Sam was entered as a veteran - his first time back in the ring in over 3 years.  He place 2nd in the 10+ year old class and had a BIG time doing it.  You would have thought it was his own, personal Mardi Gras parade.  The judge even commented that she wasn't sure he was in the right class because a dog that enthusiastic couldn't possible be a veteran.  We pulled from the regular veteran class though.  In between sweeps and the regular classes, Sam managed to back himself off the table, taking a pretty good tumble.  He's fine but, in the immediate aftermath his back was a little sore and I didn't want to aggravate that with getting on and off the table.

Then Moira got to visit with her sister, Scout.  It wasn't exactly a Southern girls sorority reunion - no screaming or crying.  Moira was much too worried about everything that was going on around her.  Scout was worried that Moira was going to try to take some of the things in her birthday gift basket.  We haven't downloaded pictures yet but you can see some at Janet's blog, Simple Things.

Bogey was along for the ride to the show too.  He had a great time too.  That little dog belies all the talk of Cardis having softer temperaments.  He's never met a stranger - in fact, I've decided that he is obnoxiously social.  He wants to meet everybody, whether it looks like they want to meet him or not.

Gin made a brief appearance at the show too.  She is basically a homebody and doesn't care for all the hoopla associated with dog shows but she did come out and got to see some old friends. 

Sunday, we loaded up the entire crew again and drove up to Burke Lake Park in Fairfax Station, VA.  If you are in the area, I would highly recommend this park.  It's huge with lots to do and dog friendly as well.  We were going up there to meet up with Christopher Briscoe.  Chris is a photographer from my hometown and he's brilliant.  I've had Chris shoot portraits of me twice - at 21 and 31 years old - and wanted another sitting but thought I would have to make a trip to Oregon to get it.  Imagine how thrilled I was to find out that he has clients on the East coast and flies out here regularly?  So, everyone piled into the Yawt early yesterday afternoon and we made the trip up north to meet Chris.  We spent about 2 hours in the park w/him shooting lots and lots of pictures.  The proofs should be available in 7-10 days.  I can't wait to see what he got.  We couldn't have asked for nicer weather (sunny, upper 60s) and the dogs were relatively well-behaved.

So now it's time to head into work for another week.  The Horde's next big adventure will only involve Bogey and Moira.  We're heading up to Ohio in 2 weeks for a weekend of herding with Dana Hasemeier.  It will be Bogey's first introduction to sheep.  There should be some interesting photo ops there......

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  1. Scout sez thanks again for the beautiful birthday basket. She is really worried about it now because it came home with me and Spencer and she is still in MD with Cheryl. (BTW - BOB today. Finally.)

    I did leave the devil toy with her - wonder if he has exploded yet.