Friday, September 11, 2009

Why "The Heathen Horde?"

When you hear it, it sounds bad.  Like I have this swarming mass of undisciplined dogs.  That's not true.....most of the time :)  The name actually came from a neighbor in St. Louis, MO.

It was winter and we were in the midst of a snowstorm.  It was very early in the morning - still dark - when I let Sam, Ginny and, I think it was one of Ginny's daughters (a red), outside.  The 3 dogs ran to the bottom of the yard barking their heads off and refused to be quiet or come back in the house.  So I stomped after them to make my point.  I mentioned it was dark and snowing, right?  There was already 6-8" of snow on the ground and the wind was blowing making the temperature about 26 below w/wind chill.  I was wearing a bathrobe and slippers.  Yes, it was breezy and chilly....

So, I'm chasing the dogs to the bottom of the yard yelling at them when I hear my neighbor call out to me....

"What are you doing with that heathen horde?"
The name stuck and the more I thought about it the more appropriate it seemed.  There are days when Sam makes me think of a marauding Viking (I know, he's Finnish and not Scandinavian).  Gin, despite the genteel manners she learned in her youth, could easily be a Viking priestess or maybe a Valkyrie.  Moira - well, she's a little further removed from her pagan roots.  I would say Moira is the product of a Viking raid on an Irish fishing village :)  Bogey seems to be following in his father's footsteps but he's a smidge more civilized.
Next post - Agility!


  1. Sam's dad and that line going back are Swedish, aren't they? And until I read your post I thought Finland was part of Scandanavia - so I checked wiki and it said "some authorities argue" that Finland is part of Scandanavia - and I'm going to go with their definition and say you can safely call him a Viking. Does this explain where Scout got her deep, manly bark? It's completely different from Spencer's.

    On another note - I am planning to go to MD - can't leave home til Thurs pm tho.

  2. You're right! I forgot Gino was from Swedish breeders - ok, we can make the Viking marauder claim.

    It's certainly possible that Scout's bark came from Sam :) Is her tongue gigantic and does her tail wag in circles? Sam definitely passes on those 2 traits - along w/tail chasing.

    We will probably get to MD Friday night. Let me know privately what hotel you are planning to stay at and we'll make reservations there too.