Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sam's Sweet Stomper - Rest in peace

This evening I received a tearful phone call from my dear friend and mentor, Marla.  She had to help one of her Cardis, Stomper, over the bridge today.

Stomper was Marla's son's dog and he was my Sam's best dog buddy.  The 2 boys were the "Front Yard Dogs" at Mar's for many years; greeting everyone who pulled into the drive in between long naps under the bay window off the kitchen.

Rest in peace, Stomps. I know Big Sam was waiting at the bridge for you.

Sam's Sweet Stomper
December 2, 1994 - September 24, 2009


  1. So Sorry to hear Stomper is gone - Please send my regrets to Marla

  2. Please send mine as well, to Marla and Sam. We only got to meet Stomper the one time when we went to pick up Grace, but he was such a sweet boy.