Saturday, July 28, 2012

If I Could Talk to the Animals...

Remember that song from Dr. Doolittle?  Well, there are people out there who seem to be able to and I am fortunate to have one of them as my friend.  I've known Tina Hassett of Our Animal Allies for around 8 years now.  We first met at an agility trial in New England.  I was running Sam and she was running her Italian Greyhound as well as offering her services as an animal communicator.  I sat down with her, had a chat with both Sam and Ginny, and we've been friends ever since.

Tina's insights into Sam and Ginny's personalities that day - when she'd never met me or my dogs before - were uncanny.  Ginny's comment that, "Boys are stupid." was so right on with the way she treated Sam and every other male dog.  At the time I was taking some herding lessons with Sam and when I asked what he thought of that he replied, "I'm going to get those fuzzy bastards."  Yeah, I'm quite sure that's what Sam was thinking and exactly how he would have expressed it too.  Several years later, when Moira joined The Horde, Tina was able to perfectly capture her more reserved and enigmatic personality.

So I've stayed in touch with Tina, despite moves for both of us.  I check in with her 2 or 3 times a year and we have a talk with the dogs.  This week I made an appointment to talk with her to see how everyone is doing since Sam's passing and to check in with Sam as well.  Yes, Tina can communicate with pets who have crossed The Bridge.

Ginny started communicating almost as soon as Tina answered her phone.  Over the years, Tina and Gin have developed a very close friendship.  Gin indicated that while she loved Sam to pieces, it's much easier since he's passed.  She said his passing was a big relief because he was so uncomfortable but she misses the "old goat."  Exactly what I would expect Ginny, who rarely minces words, to say about her father.

Moira was, as always, less talkative.  I think it's because she spends so much time barking.  Anyway, Moira has acknowledged that she is not yet ready to be head of the household.  Before we left Virginia, Ra definitely seemed to be trying to step up and it caused a lot of friction, especially with Georgia.  Apparently, Ra thought being in charge would be easier than it really is :)  She also seems to have taken on Gin's perspective where boys are concerned.  When I mentioned Bogey she replied, "Boys are not a challenge."  She really enjoys agility.  Especially the fact that the obstacles stay put and she gets to be active but she doesn't like not knowing where she needs to go next (yes, I'm working on MY timing Ra).
I know you are wondering if Tina was able to reach Sam.  Of course she was!  Sam was so connected to me that it was easy for her reach him.  Sam was eager to tell me how much he loved me and how grateful he is that I was his person.  He's so relieved to be out of a body that doesn't work anymore and his friend Stomper met him as he crossed The Bridge. He's said he would like to help me, not Moira, at agility trials.  Hmm, seems even Sam thinks I am the weakest link when it comes to agility :)   Sam keeps an eye on all of us and continues to shine love down on me.  He's not ready to come back yet but, he will someday.


  1. Loved the news about Sam! It made me smile and tear up at the same time!

  2. I last had a consult with Tina in 2006. Is she still working? Do you know how I could reach her? Thank you!