Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A little homage to Minnie Pearl there in the post title tonight :)  The house I am renting here in Nashville is about 2 miles from Opryland.

The drive down to Nashville in March was pretty uneventful.  We had great weather, the dogs and Grace were patient with the long trip and, thanks to UHM's parting gift of a GPS unit, we didn't get lost :)  Once we arrived, things got a little less uneventful.

The morning I took possession of our little rental house, I got to the house before the leasing agent.  I was walking around the outside of the house and wanted to explore the little, fully fenced back yard.  So I let myself in the yard and, like any good dog owner, shut the gate behind me.  One small problem, there was no latch on the inside of the gate - I was locked in the back yard.  Fortunately, the leasing agent pulled up a few minutes later and let me out so we could get in the house.

The movers arrived shortly thereafter and delivered my rather small truck load of household goods without incident.  Usually, when I move for a new job I manage to arrive on Saturday and have to go to work on Monday so it takes forever for the house to get unpacked and set up.  This time, I gave myself  a full 5 days to get my act together!  I had time to run errands on that first day even.  The weather was gorgeous so I had the windows down as I cruised the highways in the greater Nashville area.  That's when a hornet ended up in my car.  I felt/saw it rocket into the car as I was going 55 miles an hour.  Shortly thereafter, I felt a sharp stinging between my breasts - while I was driving 55 miles an hour.  Yup, the hornet ended up going down my shirt and stinging me.  Fortunately, I'm not particularly well-endowed so I was able to fairly easily get him out of my shirt without causing a wreck.  About 10 minutes later, I felt a sharp stinging behind my knee.  I managed to fling the bastard out of my shirt, only to have him land only the floor and subsequently crawl up my leg.  Only me.

Friday -Our new vet and the many, many visits we've made to his office since our arrival.

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