Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It Never Fails....

A couple weeks ago I posted that I had decided to listen to the Universe, follow my heart and go back to school to become a vet tech.  I'm still working toward that but, in the quirky way that the Universe works, I have received several emails and phone calls recently from companies I applied to - and one I didn't apply to - asking to schedule interviews.  I'm entertaining these calls and requests for interviews because, honestly, the idea of being able to make some significant money is pretty darned attractive right now.  Becoming a vet tech is very noble but it probably wouldn't pay for the dog habit - at least not to the extent that I would like.  We'll just have to see what happens.


  1. Good luck, sometimes the universe is just waiting for us to trust. I hope you find the perfect position.

  2. It's definitely tough to follow your heart job-wise when it means there won't be enough money to follow your heart in the rest of life. I hope you can find satisfying middle ground.