Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Have a Theory...

First, I hope you like the new, fall-themed look of the blog.  I loved the previous blog background and it carried me ably through spring and summer but, with the advent of cooler temps and falling leaves, I felt like it needed a change.  Thanks to Elizabeth at The Chronicles of Cardigan for the inspiration.  You'll notice there is a new quote in the header and another quote in the right sidebar.  I'm going to try to change these out regularly as there are literally hundreds of great dog quotes out there.

Now for my theory.  This is a theory I've held for several years.  It's one that UHM says I should never talk about in public but, UHM is a human resources professional so she has to say things like that.  I believe that all the principles you use to train your dog can be applied to managing people who work for you.  There, I've said it.  I think you should treat people like dogs.

I'll go into more detail in subsequent posts but, right now, what are your thoughts on my theory?


  1. UHM says ooooh this is gonna be good!

  2. Well, people definitely thrive in a reward based environment. We might not want a cookie (or maybe we do!), but positive feedback on our work is always good, as is a bonus.

  3. Love the new design! :) (I'm not sure I love my own (colors), though.)

    I'd love to hear more about your theory; not that I have any employees now, but it might help me with my kids. :) (Although, I'd have to admit I'm more of a Stillwell subscriber when it comes to dogs, but with the kids, I'd have to side with that Milan guy.) :)

  4. When I found my obedience trainer successfully using praise to reinforce my training successes, I realised the truth in your hypothesis.

  5. Love the new look!

    I am a motivational trainer, so it matters to me what rewards I give and receive. It would be nice to get a pat on the head at work even occasionally, but I'm really all about the money. Seamus would argue that he's the same way with treats.

  6. I agree 100%. In fact, my boss keeps telling me I should write a book about training my husband using my dog training as a basis!