Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Craft Project

Last week I posted that I was looking for new craft projects to keep me occupied during the colder weather.  When UHM and I were out tasting apple cider and buying apples last week, we also stopped by one of our favorite antique stores, The Covesville Store.  Like most 'antique' stores, it's a mish-mash of nicer, truly antique pieces mixed in with thrift-store-type items that aren't really worth all that much.  While I was poking around in the store I found a box full of "vintage" cookie cutters and had an idea.  I bought several of them and today got around to trying out my idea.  Below is a picture of the result.

What do you all think?  It's a cross between a wind chime and a mobile.   If you saw it at a craft fair, would you buy it?  What would you pay for it?  Any suggestions on sprucing it up a bit?  I have some other ideas for something similar but need to spend more time on the mechanics.  Let me know what you think though.


  1. I think it is adorable! Perhaps adding some glass beads were the wire meets the cookie cutter to give it some color. No idea about cost though.

  2. I love old cookie cutters (but no one gets to see them because they're piled up in a bowl - well, other than the few that were converted into Christmas ornaments). That's really cute - it's making me think of baby nurseries (was that your intent?). They'd look even more baby room-friendly with some (shabby chic) pastel colored paints.