Monday, June 6, 2011

Cardi Party 2011

Yesterday we hosted a Cardi Party of epic proportions to celebrate Sam's 13th birthday (May 31st).  In attendance were 16 Cardigans, ranging in age from 9 weeks to 13 years old, 1 Border Corgi (ok, she's a Border Collie but we renamed her so she wouldn't feel left out) and 1 Aussie.  It was a mob scene but everyone had a lot of fun and no one cried or ended up wearing a cone so I felt like it was a success.

We had frapping, watermelon, cake, and lots of fun talking dog.  Sam got lots of emails wishing him a happy birthday and I read each one to him.  He barked back at me - surprising, I know.

Huge thanks to UHM, Liz H., Liz B., Elizabeth, Heather, Robin and Sarah and all their assorted dogs, kidlets and better halfs for making Sam's party so much fun.  You can see a smattering of images from the party on Flickr but there were so many that I couldn't upload them all this month - stupid limits.  Watch The Chronicles of Cardigan and Nick the Cardi, International Man of Mystery (yes Liz B., I'm shaming you into a blog post) for even more images.  Blogger is having some sort of issue with uploading photos directly to blog posts so I'll update this later with a couple of my favorite shots from the day.

PS- I forgot to mention that the wonderful folks at Sammy Snacks, where Sam's cake came from, also very generously provided party favors in the form of samples of their snacks and dog food.  Everyone went home with some to try.


  1. Sounds like it was lots of fun! Sorry I missed it!

  2. Ahh but you were able to have some fun of your own - and get a couple new titles on the boys :) Jimmy and Wilson would have had a great time with us though.

  3. Yes, I know...I need to do a blog post. Last night involved getting a blender, a ton of frozen fruit and a bunch of different vitamins and powders for my "cure". I'm turning sick into being a full-time job! :-) We had a wonderful time on Sunday, even ol' Rufus had fun! Happy Birthday, Sexy Sam!

  4. A few photos might have turned up on my blog just now. :)