Monday, November 29, 2010

Travelogue - Part 1

UHM and I decamped from VA for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and indulged in some sunshine and rum in Jamaica!  We had a wonderful sitter stay with Sam, Ginny, Moira and Georgia.  Bogey went to stay with our regular dog-walker where he can run and play all day with his dog pals.

Our flight left bright and early Thursday morning.  Ok, it wasn't bright - it was just early.  5:30am to be exact.  Ugh.  Then we had a 5 hour lay-over in Charlotte, NC.  I love the Charlotte airport.  It's just a nice, newer-feeling airport but 5 hours in any airport is too long.  That's especially true when facilities has turned down the heat in the airport in anticipation of the holiday crowds.  I was freezing!

While waiting in line at Starbucks I saw a young woman accompanied by a man about her own age and an older gentleman - he was probably in his 50s.  The young woman was dressed in a very cute but lightweight blue dress and flip flops.  I told her the dress was adorable but that she was going to freeze if she had to wait long for a flight.  She replied that, at the moment,  she was actually quite warm.  The older gentleman added that she had just been "legally groped" by the TSA.

I replied, "Gee, how come that never happens to me?"  To which the older gentlemen replied......

"They only want the young ones.  We know how it is."

And thus, my illusion of youth was shattered in Starbucks at the Charlotte airport.

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  1. Oh, my goodness! What a funny story! My last little molecule of youthful illusion died at the grocery store the other day. The checker, who was by no means young himself, asked if I qualified for the senior citizen discount! Ouch!